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Clip Shape Modifier
Clip Shape Modifier

Set a clipping shape for a layer.

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Use the Clip Shape modifier to clip a layer to one of the following shapes: Capsule, Circle, Ellipse, Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle.

You can also adjust two parameters: Even-Odd and Antialiased.

  • Even-Odd - A Boolean value that indicates whether the even-odd winding rule is in use for drawing paths. If True, the path is filled using the even-odd rule. If False, it is filled using the non-zero rule. The default value is False.

  • Antialiased - A Boolean value that indicates whether the rendering system applies smoothing to the edges of the clipping shape.

By applying a clipping shape to a layer, you preserve the parts of the layer covered by the shape, while eliminating other parts of the layer. The clipping shape itself isn’t visible.

In this example, the Rectangle is clipped to a Circle shape.

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