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Text Content Type Modifier
Text Content Type Modifier

Set the text content type for a text field. The system will use this to offer suggestions while a user enters text.

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Use the Text Content Type modifier to set the content type for input text. This modifier identifies the semantic meaning expected for a text-entry area and offers suitable suggestions.

For example, you can configure a Text Field for the entry of email addresses.

Here’s a complete list of all available content types.


  • Name - A full name.

  • Name Prefix - A title or prefix for a name.

  • Given Name - A given name.

  • Middle Name - A middle name.

  • Family Name - A last name.

  • Name Suffix - A suffix for a name.

  • Nickname - A nickname.


  • Job Title - A job title.

  • Organization Name - An organization’s name.


  • Location - A point of interest, address, or other identifiable location.

  • Full Street Address - The full street address for a location, including the unit or suite number.

  • Street Address Line 1 - The first line of a street address.

  • Street Address Line 2 - The second line of a street address.

  • Address City - The name of a city.

  • Address City And State - The name of a city and state.

  • Address State - The name of a state.

  • Postal Code - A postal code.

  • Sublocality - The sublocality.

  • Country Name - The name of a country or region.

Contact Information

  • Telephone Number - A telephone number.

  • Email Address - An email address.

Login Credentials

  • Username - An account or login name.

  • Password - An existing password.

  • New Password - A new password.

  • One Time Code - A one-time code.


  • URL - A URL.

  • Credit Card Number - A credit card number.

  • Shipment Tracking Number - A shipping tracking number.

  • Flight Number - A flight number.

  • Date Time - A date and time.

  • None - Clears the content type.

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