Keyboard Type Modifier

Set the keyboard type for a text input control.

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Use the Keyboard Type modifier to specify the keyboard type to use for text entry in a Text Field. A number of different keyboard types are available to meet specialized input needs, such as entering email addresses or phone numbers. Setting the Text Field’s keyboard type ensures that a user can only enter correctly formatted inputs.

  • Default - Specifies the default keyboard for the current input method.

  • Ascii Capable - Specifies a keyboard that displays standard ASCII characters.

  • Numbers And Punctuation - Specifies the numbers and punctuation keyboard.

  • URL - Specifies a keyboard for URL entry.

  • Number Pad - Specifies a numeric keypad for PIN entry.

  • Phone Pad - Specifies a keypad for entering telephone numbers.

  • Name Phone Pad - Specifies a keypad for entering a person’s name or phone number.

  • Email Address - Specifies a keyboard for entering email addresses.

  • Decimal Pad - Specifies a keyboard with numbers and a decimal point.

  • Twitter - Specifies a keyboard for Twitter text entry, with easy access to the at (“@”) and hash (“#”) characters.

  • Web Search - Specifies a keyboard for web search terms and URL entry.

  • Ascii Capable Number Pad - Specifies a number pad that outputs only ASCII digits.

  • Alphabet - Specifies a keyboard for alphabetic entry.

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