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Toolbar Background Visibility Modifier
Toolbar Background Visibility Modifier

Control whether the background of a Navigation and/or Tab Bar gets displayed.

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By default, a Toolbar’s background is not visible until you start scrolling. However, if you always want it to be visible, you can use the Toolbar Background Visibility modifier. It comes with two parameters that you can customize from the Inspector panel:

  • Visibility - Automatic (default), Visible, Hidden

  • Bars - Both (default), Navigation Bar, Tab Bar


To change the Toolbar style of a navigation layer, apply the Toolbar Background Visibility modifier to a child in a Navigation Stack.

If you have both a Tab Bar and a Navigation Bar and you want them to apply different settings to each one, add the Toolbar Background Visibility modifier twice to configure them separately.


If you want a consistent style across all of the screens in your Tab Bar, you must apply the Toolbar Background Visibility modifier to each one.

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